About Us

In the wood business for over 50 years, Ipumirim Mouldings is knowing as a leader in manufacturing of wood finger-joint mouldings. Our main target is to offer excellency in products to all clients. For that reason the company is permanently investing in modern machines and human resources values. Ipumirim Mouldings has own forests, growing and managing sustainably and respect to environment that provides value added wood to three factories, located in Ipumirim, south of Brazil.


Our industry mouldings for export, now has a monthly production of 40 containers.

This amount is around 2,800 m3 of wood pine industrialized, between blanks, panels, frames, Split Jamb and Flat Jamb.

These are intended exclusively for the export market spanning the US, Europe and Asia.

Our Adress

Faq Pinus, SN
Ipumirim, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Postal Code: D-31
ZIP Code: 89790-000

Contact us:

Phone: +55 49 . 3438 1400